Mac vs PC Guide for Users

Mac-vs-PCIt’s not strange that the battle between mac vs. PC users is going on for a long time. Some Mac customers can’t endure PC users and vice-versa. Users of windows claim that Macs aren’t perfect computers since they’re not practical and also Mac users assert that PCs are inadequate and slow. As a result, can we credit these types of myths? Are Macs not worth their cost? Are Windows PCs truly that terrible?

In this post, we will review both companies in a neutral way! We will first know which company began first, then the purpose of the more successful thing. We also talk about which company is much more useful now and who are the main users of both PC as well as Mac. We will as well take a closer look to assess the vital features and also technical specs in both; mac vs. PC.

After you’ve completed reading this post you should be in a position to determine which company fits you best. Since after all, we are not attempting to convince you to alter what you find fit for you. All we will do in this post is to outline all the facts for you, the user, in order to decide by yourself!

Who Was More Profitable And Why?

It’s absolutely no secret; Microsoft has taken over the world’s operating systems. The reason behind this domination is primarily because; Microsoft made its operating systems to be suitable for various hardware made by many computer companies like, IBM, Hp, Dell, and Sony, and so on.

In the other hand, Apple created its software for close or near integration of PC hardware as well as software, meaning it’s not suitable for other PC hardware.

To put it in less difficult terms; Microsoft has sold its operating systems to different PC companies, permitting a wide delivery for its operating systems. Because of this, Microsoft is more well-known compared to other operating systems out there. For the moment, Apple has strictly made their operating system to suit perfectly in their personal hardware

What Is More Widely Used, Statistically?

Statistics reveal that Microsoft Windows has about 91 percent of the market share, whereas the Apple Mac OS has market share of about 5 percent. Whereas other operating systems such as Linux have the remaining 4 percent market share.

Who Make Use Of What?

For this article, I tried to search for Mac as well as PC users, as I searched for Mac users; I discovered a very comprehensive page on displaying all the various Mac users together with their profiles.

Comparing Tech Specification And Features

A couple of Apple users stated that right now there aren’t any PC laptops which can be comparing to a Macbook or even a Macbook Professional! After more research, I discovered many PCs that are, actually, much like Apple’s items.

So Which Is Right For You

Well, the sole reason for this content is to reveal to you all the facts concerning the two companies, and permit you to think well. Right now, it is left for you to make your choice of the company that can endure with your needs and style. After all, the person who really knows you best is YOU!